About the Hub

The GenAI Solutions Hub is a partner initiative in the the campus-wide Operational Excellence initiative.


The GenAI Solutions Hub is charged by Provost Coleman and CIO Martin to aggregate capabilities and corresponding resources to empower responsible adoption of generative AI at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


The GenAI Solutions Hub will connect experts with diverse perspectives to define and implement infrastructure, procurement pathways, and usage best practices to support Generative AI at Illinois in a way that advances development, fosters consistency and access, reduces unnecessary duplication, and aligns with privacy and security best practices. The GenAI Solutions Hub will contribute to and align with the system-wide GenAI risk management strategy.


  • Establish an advisory group to provide Generative AI guidance and support to campus.
  • Consolidate informational resources in a website.
  • Map and work with existing stakeholders, governance, and related efforts in order to be inclusive and not duplicate work.
  • Collaboratively and efficiently develop best practices by bringing together subject matter experts across campus.
  • Define procurement pathways and acquire enterprise licenses that manage risk and leverage scaled cost and process efficiencies.
  • Launch a secure sandbox infrastructure that would enable experimentation while protecting university data and IP.