This list is currently evolving and will be updated as new contributors join the Gen AI Solutions Hub.

Chris Tidrick, Chief Information Officer, Gies College of Business (Chair)

Prijo Andrews, Senior Project Manager, Technology Services (Project Management and Support)

James Babiarz, Associate Systems Engineer, Grainger College of Engineering

Ben Barnard, Assistant Director, Office of Medicaid Innovation

Sara Benson, Associate Professor, University Library

Michael Chan, IT Architect, Grainger College of Engineering

Evie Cordell, Assistant Professor, University Library

Michael Curtin, Innovation Coordinator, Office of the CIO (Infrastructure Working Group Lead)

Bob Dignan, Associate Director, Instructional Media, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Ryan Dilger, Professor, Animal Sciences, College of Agricultural, Environmental and Consumer Sciences

Yali Feng, Assistant Professor, University Library

Ann Fredricksen, Coordinator, Accessible Media Services, DRES

John Gallagher, Associate Professor, English, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Rochele Gloor, Innovation Studio Designer, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Robert Good, Clinical Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Celenia Graves, Visiting Assistant Professor, University Library

Ece Gumusel, Privacy Analyst, Technology Services

Dan Harmon, Director, Data & Systems, OVCRI (Administrative Operations Working Group Lead)

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Grainger College of Engineering

Janet Jokela, Senior Associate Dean for Engagement, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Patty Jones, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation in Compliance, OVCRI (Research Working Group Lead)

Pramod Joshi, Innovation Services Lead, AITS

Patrick Keenan, Professor, College of Law

Volodymyr (Vlad) Kindratenko, Assistant Director, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Eric Kurt, Media Commons Coordinator, University Library

Doug Laney, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy. Gies College of Business

Jessica Li, Associate Dean for Research, College of Education

Jeremy McClane, Professor, College of Law

Tawnya Means, Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Chief Learning Officer, Gies College of Business (Teaching & Learning Working Group Co-Lead)

Jake Metz, Media Commons Technology Specialist, University Library

Christy Moss, VP of Membership and Marketing, UI Alumni Association

Jamie Nelson, Associate Director, Educational Innovation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (Teaching & Learning Working Group Co-Lead)

Anita Nikolich, Director of Research and Technology, School of Information Sciences

Dani Nyikos, Lecturer, English, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Jin Kim Pennell, Senior Lecturer, Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Christopher Prom, Professor, University Library

Mason Rousey, Siebel Center for Design

Kevin Scharp, Professor, Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Saad Shehab, Associate Director, Assessment, Siebel Center for Design

Erbe Tayler, Data Scientist, AITS

Jed Taylor, Assistant Dean, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Grainger College of Engineering

Ken Taylor, Cloud Architect, Technology Services

Rashmi Tenneti, Director of Analytics and Alignment, Strategic Communications and Marketing

Marc Thompson, Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning Experiences, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Mary Ton, Assistant Professor, University Library

Dejan Trencevski, IT Solutions Architect, IT Partners, Gies College of Business

Michael Twidale, Professor, Information Sciences

Nick Vance, Assistant Director of Data Innovation, Technology Services

Bing Wang, Assistant Professor, University Library

David Ward, Associate Professor, University Library

Jim Wentworth, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Spaces, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Jim Witte, Instructional Technology Specialist, ATLAS, College of LAS

Mike Yao, Professor of Digital Media and Director of the Institute of Communications Research, College of Media