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Webinars, training, and other events related to Generative AI

ChatGPT and AI Literacy: How Can I Use ChatGPT in Engineering Research? (University Library)
April 18
Graduate assistants Laurel Darling and Benjamin Eskin Shapson will teach this session in-person from 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm at the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, Rooms 233/235. This workshop will address the capabilities of ChatGPT and identify appropriate and effective ways participants can integrate this tool into their academic, research, and pedagogical pursuits in engineering disciplines. The event is free, but registration is required.

Deepfakes: How Computers Mimic Us (University Library)
May 15
This hybrid session will be taught by Mary Ton, Digital Humanities Librarian, in-person from 12:00 pm to 12:50 pm in Room 220 at the Main Library and on Zoom (registration and reminder emails will include the Zoom link and passcode). This workshop will provide a beginner-friendly overview of how artificial intelligent tools interpret pictures and sound to generate new images, video, and voices, discuss how these techniques are being used for research, in the film industry, and across campus to support new scholarship and creative works, and identify strategies for recognizing deepfakes and tools that you can use to protect your own image and voice. The event is free, but registration is required.

Generative AI Training and Consultation (CITL)
Mondays & Tuesdays
Walk-ins or scheduled appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays from 12-4 pm in the CITL Innovation Studio (Armory 172) or virtually. Computer stations with easy access to the latest versions of key GenAI tools (including Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, DALL-E2, ChatGPT 4.5, Bard, Stable Diffusion, and more).  Teaching and learning specialists, media and IT professionals will be available to answer any questions about how to apply these solutions.

AI for Science using Delta (NCSA)
NCSA is dedicated to advancing AI’s transformative potential and as part of the Delta Project will present a comprehensive AI training program offering basic to advanced AI topics. No prior AI or supercomputing knowledge is necessary. Sessions conducted by AI experts include ready-to-use software and access to Delta. Completion of all sessions earns participants a certificate. Register for this series with the registration form linked above. Sessions will be held every Thursday from 1 to 2:30 PM CT via Zoom.

Past Event Recordings

A Gentle Introduction to AI, Art, and Copyright (University Library)
March 19 (recording)
This was a hybrid behind-the-scenes look at how AI tools are built and the ways that people are using AI generated images to create new bodies of work, streamline their research processes, and beautifully muddy current and future copyright waters. Taught by Mary Ton, Digital Humanities Librarian, Siobhan McKissic, Visiting Design & Materials Research Librarian, and Cadence Cordell, Graduate Assistant.

AI for Data Analysis (University Library)
March 6 (recording)
This was a hands-on workshop over exploring ways to use AI to clean your data, generate code, and analyze information followed by a discussion on ethics, data privacy, and commonly used AI-powered tools. Taught by Mary Ton, Digital Humanities Librarian, Jess Hagman, Social Sciences Research Librarian, and Cadence Cordell, Graduate Assistant.

A Gentle Introduction to ChatGPT, Copyright, and AI (University Library)
January 31 (recording)
This was an in-person, behind-the-scenes look at; how AI generates text, AI’s limitations, an examination of possible ways to incorporate AI it into the writing process, AI copyright considerations + publisher’s AI policies. Taught by Mary Ton, Digital Humanities Librarian, and Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian.

Generative AI in the Workplace (Panel Discussion – Gies)
December 11 (recording)
A Gies College of Business discussion including multiple perspectives on the impact of generative AI in the workplace.

Teaching Writing Assignments in the Age of Generative AI (CITL)
December 8 (recording)
An interactive presentation on the challenges and benefits of incorporating AI into writing assignments for a range of disciplines. DTI Generative AI Workshop (NCSA)
October 25-27 (recording)
The goal of the workshop was to bring together experts to discuss the fundamental science and technology behind the myriad of tools collectively known as Generative AI, as well as to discuss their societal applications and challenges.

Faculty Forum: Generative AI (Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education (AE3))
Monday, October 23 (recording)
Speakers discussed faculty productivity, instructional impact and student usage, the future of generative AI, and our campus role.

Through the Faculty Ranks Series: Iron Chef – the Secret Ingredient of Generative AI in Education (Provost’s Office)
Thursday, October 19 (recording)
Presenters explored the possibilities of generative AI for the education of the future, discussed some of the latest trends and concerns among those in academia, and highlighted campus resources to support faculty on this topic. 

Generating The Future of Education with AI (AI x Education Conference)
August 6, 2023 (recording)
The AI in Education conference brought together stakeholders to discuss how to best leverage AI to transform learning, with a special emphasis on elevating student voices to guide innovations. The goal was to explore solutions to current challenges and potentials for AI to improve educational outcomes.


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