Working Groups

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the Gen AI Solutions Hub working groups is to collaboratively explore and define the strategic, operational, and ethical dimensions of generative artificial intelligence (AI) related to one of four areas:

  • Use of Generative AI in Teaching and Learning (Leads: Tawnya Means and Jamie Nelson)
  • Use of Generative AI in Research (Lead: Patty Jones)
  • Use of Generative AI in Administrative Operations (Lead: Dan Harmon)
  • Generative AI Infrastructure and Technical Needs (Lead: Michael Curtin)

 The groups will concentrate on five key deliverables:

  • Defining Gen AI Use Cases: To identify and document potential applications of generative AI in various domains relevant to our institution. Use cases can be derived from campus AI survey data, member expertise, or external research. (Read the report here.)
  • Identify Best Practices: To establish guidelines and standards for the responsible and effective use of generative AI technologies. Current system and campus best practices and documentation from peer institutions should be considered. (Report completed by April 1)
  • Policy Development: To recognize areas where new policies or revisions to existing policies are needed to govern the use of generative AI. (Report completed by July 1)
  • Vetting and Recommending AI Platforms, Tools, and Training: To evaluate existing generative AI platforms and tools, and make recommendations for investments that align with our institution’s goals and needs. (Ongoing after March 1, as identified as solutions to priority use cases).
  • Identify and Foster Community: To elevate existing communities of generative AI users, engage them, and bring their needs and talents to the CoE’s attention. (Ongoing)

 The groups will keep the following front of mind during their discussions and in their recommendations:

  • Data privacy
  • Security/risk management
  • Accessibility
  • Cost, feasibility, and scalability
  • Ethics (including academic integrity)

Membership and Structure

Each working group shall consist of members drawn from the Solutions Hub and various departments and disciplines across the campus, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. Members will be appointed based on their experience, interest in generative AI, and potential contribution to the group’s objectives.


Members of each working group are responsible for:

  • Actively participating in meetings and discussions.
  • Conducting research and analysis pertinent to their group’s focus area.
  • Developing and presenting findings and recommendations to the broader Generative AI Solutions Hub.
  • Collaborating with other working groups to ensure a cohesive approach to generative AI at the institution.

Meetings and Communication

  • Regular meetings will be held at least bi-weekly to generate the deliverables.
  • Meeting agendas and minutes will be circulated among the members in advance and post-meeting, respectively.
  • Working groups will communicate asynchronously via Teams channels in between meetings.

Reporting and Evaluation

Each group will report their progress to the leadership of the Generative AI Solutions Hub on a bi-weekly basis and to the broader contributors group on a monthly basis.