UI Library Introduction to Generative AI
This library guide is a UIUC campus resource to read and reference for instructional, professional, and personal learning about generative AI.

Generative AI for Teaching & Learning (via CITL)
The goal of these resources is to provide the teaching and learning community with everything they need to explore and understand GenAI.

2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study
The higher education community’s current sentiments and experiences related to strategic planning and readiness, policies and procedures, workforce, and the future of AI in higher education.

AI in the Arts and Humanities Playlist (University Library)
These workshops, talks, and tutorials offer perspectives from the humanities and arts to identify AI’s limitations and to imagine possible applications for AI in research and creative expression.

Generative AI Resources (via UI System Digital Risk Management)
Current guidance from the UI System Digital Risk Management office on the risks and opportunities presented by GenAI.

Generative AI Guiding Principles (via Gies College of Business)
An infographic of the Gies guiding principles for generative AI along with links and resources. These guiding principles can help you use AI effectively and ethically in your teaching.

Generative AI in Education Community (on Microsoft Teams)
A open community of UIUC educators exploring and sharing our experiences using generative AI in teaching and learning.

Generative AI in Research Community (on Microsoft Teams)
A open community of UIUC faculty and staff exploring and sharing our experiences using generative AI in research.

Generative AI in Higher Education Quick Start Guide (via UNESCO)
This Quick Start Guide provides an overview of how ChatGPT works and explains how it can be used in higher education. Published April 2023.

Privacy Considerations (via Technology Services)
General guidance to consider related to data privacy related to the use of Generative AI.

Library Emerging Technology Talk Series on Generative AI (via University Library)
These sessions are intended to help inform the library audience about the current state of the art of Generative AI technologies and what the implications and the potential are for these technologies for scholarship and the mission of the library. 

AI and Law Teaching (via College of Law Library)
Discusses AI in law research and teaching, current policies, ethical implications, and opportunities to improve teaching and learning.

Generating the Future of Education with AI (hosted by UIUC students)
Recordings from a conference designed for K12 and higher ed educators & administrators to discuss the impact of AI on education, address current challenges and potentials, share their perspectives and experiences, and explore innovative solutions. (hosted by NCSA)
Chatbot platform developed by NCSA that allows for the creation of domain specific chat bots.

Generative AI Learning Paths (via LinkedIn Learning, requires Illinois login)
Beginner and advanced learning modules related to GenAI via LinkedIn Learning.