Generative AI Solutions Hub Survey Results

Between December 5, 2023, and January 8, 2024, the Generative AI Solutions Hub conducted a campus-wide survey of faculty and staff to assess their familiarity and use of generative AI. With over 1,100 responses, including 21% faculty and 72% staff, we have gathered valuable insights into the current state of generative AI on our campus.

Overall, familiarity with generative AI was distributed as shown below, with 26% of respondents very or extremely familiar with generative AI and only 12% of respondents who were not familiar at all with this emergent technology.

Nearly 35% of respondents reported use of generative AI in their work.

Of those who reported use, the level of integration trended toward minimal or no integration into daily work.

Overall, a small percentage of respondents reported moderately or highly integrated use. These responses indicate that high use or dependence on generative AI tools is nascent on our campus.

Use cases and tools. Among those who use generative AI, the following use cases were most common: writing and editing (67%), administrative tasks (57%), education and training (30%), design and creativity (27%), and coding and programming (24%). The most common tools were ChatGPT (91%), Microsoft Bing Chat/Copilot (39%), and DALL-E (20%).

Specialized faculty use. Among the survey’s 263 faculty respondents, 29% used generative AI as an instructional tool and 17% are conducting AI-related research.

Challenges. Among those who reported generative AI use, the most common challenge was lack of knowledge/skills (44%), lack of trust/confidence (42%), lack of guidance/support (33%), and ethical or social issues (27%).

Sources of education and guidance. Generative AI users are using the following sources for education and guidance: trial and error (80%), colleagues or peers (55%), and online courses/tutorials (41%).

You can view a dashboard with all the quantitative survey results (restricted to UIUC full-time staff).

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